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Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping is recommended by the Forest Hills Cat Hospital team as a permanent method of pet identification. The microchip is permanent, but it must be updated with your contact information as it changes to ensure that your pet can be returned to you in an emergency.

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Pet microchipping is quick and easy, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet can be returned to you if it gets lost. Forest Hills Cat Hospital provides pet microchipping and registration in a national database. We encourage all pet owners to use this safe and effective method to keep their furry family members safe.

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Pet Microchipping

Each microchip has a unique code that is linked to the contact information of the pet owner as well as the pet’s profile. Veterinary offices, animal shelters, and other animal services in your city can scan this chip. So it is critical that you not only microchip your pet but also register that microchip and remember to update the microchip company if you move or change phone numbers.

Pet collars and stamped ID tags can fall off, but microchipping your pet is an effective method of permanent pet identification that will not fall off, be removed, or become unreadable. Every year, thousands of lost pets are reunited with their owners thanks to microchips.

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