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Forest Hills Cat Hospital

In Middle Village, New York

In the mid-1970s, the idea of a cats-only hospital was revolutionary because small animal practices were primarily dog-centric. During that period, there were less than a handful of feline-only practices. Nowadays, there are more than 200 feline-only practices in the US. Today the Forest Hills Cat Hospital is one of the oldest feline-only practices east of the Mississippi. Our special “No Bark” environment is designed to lower the stress levels of our feline patients.


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Our veterinary team of pet doctors and staff at Forest Hills Cat Hospital believe that our ability to provide excellent client communication is crucial to all office visits. This is possible through years of training, experience, and medical expertise.

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We had to make an appointment for Jonah asap because he was vomiting. Thankfully you were able to accommodate us!!! It’s always a pleasure to see how seamlessly Dr. Tuzio and all of you step up to help your clients. Thank you again.


I have been bringing my cat to Forest Hills Cat Hospital for 17 years. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. The staff knows my cat and all of her quirks, and are ready for when she comes in. I trust all of the Vets, and staff to take care of my cat like she was their own.