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Pet Bartonella Awareness & Treatment

Previously, parasites such as fleas, ticks, and roundworms were regarded primarily as a nuisance. We now know, however, that parasites can cause severe illness and even death in pets. Ticks, for example, can spread Lyme disease, and fleas can spread tapeworms and Bartonella – the bacteria that causes “cat scratch fever” in humans.

Pet Bartonella Awareness & Treatment in Middle Village, NY

Flea control should be the primary goal of cat scratch fever prevention. Fleas are small enough to get past screens. Flea control should be used on all cats, whether they go outside or not.


Pet Bartonella

Cats can only transmit Bartonella to humans if it is on their claws (or possibly teeth). Fleas are the main reason cats carry this bacteria because it is spread primarily through flea bites. A cat must scratch at fleas and pick up flea feces containing Bartonella on their claws in order to transmit this infection to a person. There will be no infection spread if there are no fleas.

Cats who appear to be suffering from a Bartonella-related illness may require more than one of the tests to determine what is wrong with them. Antibiotic medications are available for cats who have Bartonella and require treatment. The important thing to remember is that Bartonella is very common in flea-infested cats. In areas where the weather is warm and humid, which promotes flea reproduction (such as New England), up to 40% of cats may test positive.

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