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We keep a fully stocked in-house pharmacy for almost any pharmaceutical needs your pet might have. We value this type of convenience because we want you to have a true one-stop shop to simplify your life. We only stock high-quality medications that have undergone stringent safety testing.

Pet Pharmacy in Middle Village, NY

At Forest Hills Cat Hospital, we understand how important it is to have easy access to the medications your cat requires. We keep a large supply of veterinary prescriptions on hand so that they can be given to your cat as soon as possible. We have the equipment and medications your pet needs for preventative medicine or post-surgical recovery.

Treating a cat for asthma with an inhaler.

Pet Pharmacy

In our full-service pharmacy, we provide a wide range of medications. If we do not have the medication you require for your pet, we will gladly special order it in-house or through our online delivery partner. We can also provide you with a prescription for a reputable local human pharmacy if that medication is available. If you choose to fill the prescription through an online pharmacy, we will also provide you with a written prescription, but we will warn you about the risks associated with online pharmacies, such as fraudulent medications and practices.

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