Dear Clients,
Below is the unabridged notice that our office received from the NYC Department of Health regarding a  Rabies vaccination program for raccoons in certain areas of Queens and Brooklyn. It is obvious that this program is being initiated because of the spread of raccoon Rabies in our neighborhoods and its danger to both our human and pet population. This vaccination program reminds me of a similar highly successful program for raccoons in Central Park four or five years ago. Just a reminder to avoid contact with both the adults and their adorable young ones, they are very dangerous. Do not feed them in your yards. Please make certain that your cats are current with their Rabies vaccines both for their protection and yours. This again is a reminder that Rabies vaccination is required by NYC law for both indoor and outdoor cats.
Best Regards,
The Staff at the Forest Hills Cat Hospital
P.S. For more information on raccoons please check out the article Our Nightime Neighbors and Dr. Luger’s letter to the editor regarding the article in the Juniper Berry. Both are available on our website.