Coyote Sighted Locally

On Monday (4/27/15), a coyote was sighted in Middle Village–very close to the Cat Hospital. While the NYPD is searching for the coyote, they have yet to capture it. The Cat Hospital would like to remind our clients and their families to be mindful of the coyote sighting. While attacks on humans are rare, they can happen as witnessed a few days ago in New Jersey. We ask that if you see a coyote do not approach it and call the authorities. Also, for the safety of your indoor/outdoor cats and other small pets, keep a very close watch over them when they are outside,better yet keep them inside–coyotes have been known to prey on cats and other small animals. Keep in mind that coyotes can also be carriers of rabies, posing a danger to human and pet alike. In fact, according this article a coyote in New Jersey tested positive for rabies. Please be vigilant, as is it seems that coyote sighting in the New York Metropolitan Area are not going to be a rare occurrence.